Coffee machines: pros and cons

Who of us does not know the picture: morning, eyes do not open, the clock unambiguously hints that the chances of being late are close to 100%, and yet you need to have breakfast. But there is no time to cook coffee. And you either have to drink soluble straw, or get to work in a half-asleep state. Or, say, you have guests. But instead of enjoying an interesting conversation, one of the hosts has to fuss in the kitchen, brewing coffee in the Turkish. But coffee machines have long been invented. And they can not only save you from the above problems, but also provide a cup of delicious coffee at any time of the day or night.

What can a coffee machine do

Coffee machines: pros and cons

A modern coffee machine has a mass of talents. It is able to grind coffee beans, and the fineness of grinding can be ordered. Also, by order, she brews the coffee of the necessary strength, whisks milk for coffee into a steep foam, warms the cups. While the coffee maker can only make coffee, the coffee machine takes care of all the operations. So in the morning you just need to turn on the coffee machine, and do other things to enjoy an excellent espresso in a few minutes. Of course, the coffee machine is a bit more massive than the coffee maker, but this is understandable: it has more functional nodes. There are also super-automatic coffee machines capable of making any coffee - just choose and press the desired button. But they are very expensive, and usually put in a cafe. And for home models are simpler. It's great if your coffee machine is capable of washing itself, as usually the process of disassembling and washing the coffee machine is rather dreary. Smart coffee machine perfectly keeps in touch with the person through the display. Coffee machines are also equipped with different attachments, so now you can enjoy both cappuccino and coffee latte without leaving home.

What about flaws?

Coffee machines: pros and cons

The biggest disadvantage of coffee machines is the price. A good coffee machine, which is reliable, competent selection of options and can cook excellent coffee, costs at least 30 thousand rubles. Anything cheaper is unlikely to meet your expectations for delicious coffee without any hassle. All steam, semi-automatic and other coffee makers we do not even take into account, since these are not coffee machines in the truest sense of the word.

Noise is another minus of almost all coffee machines. Even the quietest models pee, buzz and mutter in preparation for work and throughout the process of making a cupboard. But this, of course, is not the noise of "Bulgarians," and usually does not cause any special inconveniences. Even if you come to mind to drink coffee at night, you will not wake anyone.

Pretty big size is evil, which has to be tolerated by the owners of good coffee machines. This unit will have to allocate its own corner in the kitchen. But for the sake of tasty coffee than you will not sacrifice! 

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