Master class on preparation of cake “Sacher”

Master class on preparation of cake

If you ever find yourself in Vienna, look into the local pastry shops and order the famous chocolate cake "Sacher", for which you can drive half of Europe. Delicate cakes, melting chocolate in the mouth and a pleasant acidity of the apricot confiture will not leave indifferent even those who are calm about baking. Try to cook "Sacher" at home and see this, and there are many recipes for the cake - choose any!

Who first baked the cake "Sacher"

Master class on preparation of cake

The famous Austrian cake "Sacher" appeared in the XIX century as a result of a random culinary impromptu. One day, the Austrian Foreign Minister hosted a reception, but the chief cook was sick, so the 16-year-old pupil of the confectioner Franz Sacher had to blow out. His chocolate cake with apricot jam, poured with chocolate glaze, became a sensation. After a while, Franz opened a hotel in Vienna "Sacher", where they baked to order a famous cake. It so happened that the son of Zaher after the Second World War sold the recipe to confectioner Demel, and soon it led to a seven-year "Viennese war of cakes". Austrian courts constantly engaged in the fact that they tried to reconcile the warring parties, who figured out who was the true owner of the recipe, and also argued whether it was worth adding jam to the interlayer between the cakes and replacing the butter with margarine.

What is the main secret of the cake "Sacher"

Master class on preparation of cake

How did it happen that the chocolate biscuit cakes, smeared with apricot jam, turned into a culinary bestseller? Is it possible to surprise gourmets with this? In reality, the main highlight of dessert is a biscuit, in which instead of the traditional cocoa powder, real chocolate is used. This move became the basis for the success of the 16-year-old Austrian confectioner: with chocolate, the cakes were very dense, moist and unusually tasty. In addition, in the pastry shops that prepare the right "Sacher", do not use a baking powder: the dough rises due to whipped proteins. As a result, the cake is lush and airy.

Another secret of delicacy is that chocolate icing is brewed from three kinds of chocolate, which are delivered to Austria specifically for this dessert. The location of the producers of exclusive chocolate is unknown - Germany, France, Spain or Belgium. In addition, the cake is decorated with a chocolate medallion with the brand name of the brand.

How to cook "Sacher" at home

Master class on preparation of cake

After you learn the history of the cake and the fineness of its preparation, it seems that it is impossible to make it at home. Of course, we can not get chocolate, supplied to Vienna by unknown producers, but we can quite risk and bake this delicious masterpiece from the best products, following the classic recipe for the cake "Sacher", which was invented by the Austrian confectioner.

For a biscuit, never use margarine or oil 72.2%, take only high-quality butter of maximum fat content. Instead of traditional vanillin, add crushed seeds from vanilla pods to the dough, and buy chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 60%. The cake "Sacher" also includes eggs, sugar powder, sugar, flour and thick apricot confiture. Liquid jam will not work, as it will spread. Sometimes the cakes are smeared with chocolate ganache from dark chocolate, butter, cream or milk. Some confectioners add salt, ground almonds, rum or cognac to the dough for flavor and original taste.

Chocolate cakes should be well soaked, so cook the cake for 6-7 hours before serving.

Useful advice from Austrian confectioners

Master class on preparation of cake

The flour before kneading the dough should be sifted, and the butter and eggs to get out of the refrigerator so that they lie down a little at room temperature. To biscuit turned out more lush, replace the sugar with powdered sugar, and when using cocoa necessarily mix it with water - 1 tbsp. l. the powder will need 50-70 ml of water. It is also important to whisk the whites and mix them gently with the rest of the products smoothly up and down, because if the biscuit does not rise, "Sacher" will be hopelessly spoiled. The important point - observe the proportions and do not add products to the eye, because intuition can fail.

If you do not want to add cognac to the cake, sprinkle them with ready-made cakes - the fragrance will be brighter and more saturated.

Form with the test put in the oven only when it is sufficiently heated, do not open the door during baking, to check the readiness, use a wooden stick. If it's dry, get the cake. Overdried biscuit is usually not tasty, it can not be saved even with cream and jam.

Cut the cooled biscuit into two or three cakes, the more layers, the more delicious. If you want to cover a cake with a thick layer of glaze, pour it in several stages, letting dry the previous layer.

Classic cake "Sacher": step-by-step recipe with photo

Master class on preparation of cake

Theory is the right thing, but it's time to start practicing. Try to cook "Sacher" in the author's performance.

Ingredients: for the test: eggs - 6 pieces, butter - 130 g, powdered sugar - 110 g, sugar - 110 g, chocolate with cocoa content more than 60% - 130 g, flour - 130 g, vanilla - half pod contents; for smearing cakes: thick apricot confiture - 200 g; for glaze: sugar - 200 g, water - 125 ml, chocolate with a maximum percentage of cocoa - 150 g.

Cooking method:

1. Mix soft butter, powdered sugar and vanilla, beat well.

2. Gradually add yolks to the mixture, whilst continuing to beat.

3. Melt the chocolate in the water bath.

4. Mix the chocolate with the oil-yolk mass.

5. Whip the whites, start adding sugar at the end of whipping. The mass should be dense, so that it can be cut with a knife.

6. Put the squirrels in a bowl with yolks, and from the top sift the flour.

7. Gently mix the ingredients, keeping the puffiness and airiness of the dough.

8. Preheat the oven to 170 ° C.

9. Place a piece of baking paper on the bottom of a separable mold with a diameter of about 25 cm and lubricate it with oil.

10. Put the dough into a mold and bake in the oven for an hour. First 15 minutes the oven should be ajar.

11. Allow the biscuit to cool in the form.

12. Remove the biscuit from the mold and cut into two cakes.

13. Preheat the apricot jam on a water bath and wipe it through a sieve.

14. Lubricate the jam of the cake, lay them on top of each other and cover the sides.

15. Leave the cake for 6 hours or overnight.

16. For the glaze, cook the syrup from water and sugar. Boil it for 5 minutes and allow to cool.

17. Melt the chocolate in a water bath.

18. Pour into the chocolate with a thin stream of syrup and mix. At first glaze will be thick, but then it will become liquid.

19. Cover the cake with frosting and let it freeze.

"Sacher" is usually served with unsweetened whipped cream - their tenderness and softness is perfectly combined with the bright and exquisite taste of the cake.

Cake "Sacher" in a hurry

Master class on preparation of cake

To hurry up in the preparation of the cake "Sacher" is not worth it. It is necessary to do everything with feeling, with sense, with alignment. But the situation is different, and sometimes you need to cook something tasty for a short time. Well, there is a very simple recipe for a famous dessert, with which you will be able to hit guests, although you will have to sacrifice some of the ingredients, replacing them with simpler ones. Let's hope that Franz Sacher will forgive us generously!

Melt in different dishes for 150 g of butter and chocolate. Whisk with a mixer 6 yolks with 250 grams of sugar for 4-5 minutes, and then, without turning off the mixer, pour oil on the yolks, a little later - chocolate. Beat for a few more minutes, add flour and stir the dough well.

Whip 6 proteins, gradually adding sugar to them until it dissolves, and the proteins do not turn into a lush mass. Carefully and smoothly move them into the dough.

Cover the form with oiled parchment, lay out the dough and bake for about 35 minutes at a temperature of 170-180 ° C, checking the readiness with a dry wooden stick.

Cut the biscuit into two cakes and cover them with any thick jam, if there is no apricot. Gem can be replaced with chocolate cream - creamy, brewed or oiled.

Melt two tiles of chocolate on a water bath, fill the cake with the resulting glaze and cool in the refrigerator.

Your guests will certainly appreciate "Sacher", which is good with a cup of coffee or fragrant tea, as in a real Viennese pastry shop.

Sausage cake

Master class on preparation of cake

Many during the fasting suffer without desserts, but there are lean versions of many famous cakes. Why not use them during fasting? At the same time, the resulting "Sacher" will be as gentle, tasty and very beautiful!

Grind 250 grams of any nuts in the blender - walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts, pour 250 ml of warm water to them, stir well and leave for a while.

Strain the resulting nut milk, heat it and crumble into a hot nutty liquid 150 g of bitter chocolate. Stir until it dissolves, pour 100 ml of vegetable oil, add 200 g of cocoa powder, 170 g of sugar, 0.5 tsp. soda, slaked vinegar, 0.5 tsp. salt and mix well. Pour 400 g of flour and mix well again until smooth.

Divide the dough into two pieces and bake two cakes at a temperature of 180 ° C - this will take 35 minutes for each cake. While the biscuits are cooling down, cook the ganache. To do this, mix a mug of strong tea with bergamot and 200 g of bitter chocolate, put the container on a flat dish of ice, and when the chocolate dissolves, start beating the mixture with a mixer. At first the cream will be sprayed, but then it will thicken and in half an hour it will resemble sour cream according to consistency.

Cut in half the cakes, spread them with any jam or jam, stack with a pile, the space between the two cakes interlace with ganash. Lubricate the cream cake from all sides, decorate it with nuts and put in the refrigerator. With such desserts, the post is much easier to endure!

On the photo the cake "Sacher" always looks the same - a minimum of decor and a lot of chocolate, but you can decorate it with fruits, dried fruits, berries, confectionery powder or chocolate figures. A beautiful presentation always raises the mood and makes life even brighter and more joyful!

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