Russian traditions: we prepare our favorite dishes with fish

Russian traditions: we prepare our favorite dishes with fish

For centuries, the fish occupies an honorable place on our table. In the old days, without a luxurious meal with her participation, there was not a single family feast. This tradition has not been forgotten so far. However, in the everyday menu, nothing can replace tasty and such healthy fish dishes. Today we decided to prepare the recognized hits together with the trade mark "Maguro".

Radiant Sun-fish

Russian traditions: we prepare our favorite dishes with fish

Rybnik knowingly called the visiting card of Russian cuisine. Traditionally, this pie is made of white fish. Cod "Maguro" is optimal for filling, because it does not have any small pits. And most importantly, juicy tender flesh absorbs aromas and flavors, which gives the bake a unique flavor.

Dilute in 200 ml of warm milk 2 tbsp. l. sugar and 2 tsp. dry yeast, leave in the heat for 10-15 minutes. Sift the hill with 500 g of flour, make a groove, pour in milk with yeast, 100 ml of melted butter and beaten egg. We knead the soft elastic dough and let it grow for half an hour.

Now cut 400 g fillet of cod "Maguro" long strips. Fry in a frying pan with vegetable oil 3 medium crushed bulbs until golden. Roll out the dough oval layer. We make a pillow from the fried onion in the center and put the fish on top. At the same time, from the filling to the edges of the dough should be not less than 10-12 cm. We make parallel cuts in the width of 2-3 cm on the test and we interlace the filling with strips crosswise. You can also cut out scales from a test. As a result, the trunk of the fish should turn out. A few strips of dough from behind leave free, we give them the shape of the tail.

Lubricate the cake with yolk and send it on a baking sheet into the oven at 200 ° C for half an hour. Lubricate the fishfish with butter and cover with a clean towel. A subtle, seductive fragrance, like a magnet, will pull the whole family into the kitchen.

Sit on the stump, eat the patty

Russian traditions: we prepare our favorite dishes with fish

Pies in Russia ate with great pleasure. These fish cakes today still enjoy universal love. It is best to choose for them low-fat varieties of white fish, such as tilapia from "Maguro". The soft fillet of this fish feels comfortable in homemade cakes and is organically combined with cereals, boiled eggs, onions and fresh herbs.

Mix the yeast dough, as in the previous recipe. For him, we need 150 ml of warm milk or plain water, 1 tbsp. l. sugar, a packet of dry yeast, 350 g of flour, 1 tbsp. l. butter and a pinch of salt. After squeezing the dough with your hands, leave the rest in the warmth until it increases in volume.

At this time, 150 g of round rice is cooked half-ready in salted water. In a separate container, boil 800 g of tilapia fillet "Maguro", adding to the water juice of half a lemon and 3-4 sprigs of dill. Cooled fish is disassembled into fibers, mixed with rice, seasoned with sour cream, salt and spices to taste. Chopped fresh parsley or green onions are also welcome here.

From the dough roll out round cakes the size of the palm, lay out on each 1-2 st. l. fillings, we form boats, leaving a hole in the center. We put each inside a slice of butter and bake for 30-35 minutes in the oven at 200 ° C. Add the cooked pirozhki with green onions. The beauty of pies is that they are good both hot and cold.

A bouquet of mimosa in severe frosts

Russian traditions: we prepare our favorite dishes with fish

In a motley galaxy of layered salads, "Mimosa" occupies a special place. It is no coincidence that this elegant, rich salad is often cooked for us on holidays. We suggest to depart from the canons and instead of canned saury or pink salmon to take the liver of cod "Maguro". This absolutely natural product is made in Iceland from fresh fish right after the catch. At the same time, oil is not even added to cans, since the cod liver produces natural fat in the process of production. Delicate and pleasant to the taste, it does not bitter. And this is a sure sign of a superior product.

We boil 2-3 medium potatoes, a large carrot and 4 hard-boiled eggs. We clear all the ingredients and grind them individually. Be sure to divide the boiled yolks and proteins. Finely shred 5-6 feathers of green onions and fall asleep in a wide dish. Carefully knead 120 grams of cod liver caviar "Maguro" with a fork, and evenly distribute it over the onion. Next, alternate potatoes, carrots and proteins in any order. Sprinkle the salad with the yolks. Do not forget to salt and cover with mayonnaise every layer.

Interesting spicy notes will add to this salad marinated cucumbers, and a light, pleasant sourness is a green apple. For a spectacular presentation on the festive table, you can collect "Mimosa" in wide transparent kremankah.

Zavylnoye with a royal scope

Russian traditions: we prepare our favorite dishes with fish

Jellied fish - one of the main regulars of the New Year's table. And since the case is special, it is best to prepare it from red fish. Chilean salmon "Maguro" is ideal. This fish is highly appreciated by gourmets around the world for their unique, multi-faceted taste. In the jellied kingly it opens in all its glory to the smallest nuance, giving the whole dish an indescribable flavor.

Fill in a small saucepan of 3 steaks salmon "Maguro" 2 liters of cold water, bring to a boil. We put the laurel leaf, 3-4 peas of sweet pepper and cook on low heat for 30 minutes. We remove fish, cool, remove peel, disassemble into small pieces. Broth filter through gauze several times - it should be crystal clear. We measure approximately 200 ml of broth, we spread out a bag of gelatin in it, pour it back into the pan and mix well.

In the bottom of the glass form for the jellied we cover 200 g of green peas, lay out slices of salmon. We pour out almost the whole broth and let it freeze a little. Evenly put on the surface a few circles of boiled carrots and olives without pits, pour the remaining broth, we cool until completely hardened. For a spectacular feed, you can pour the filler over silicone molds, then gently extract and nicely serve on plates with dill sprigs and circles of lemon. Then each guest will receive a personal portion of refined jellies.

Ear under the rainbow

Russian traditions: we prepare our favorite dishes with fish

Without traditional ears, the rating of favorite dishes of Russian cuisine would be incomplete. We offer to prepare an interesting variation with rainbow trout "Maguro". Small carcasses with a head gutted by all the rules - this is exactly what you need for an ears. In addition, trout is rich in useful fatty acids, which makes the broth so rich and appetizing.

Fill in a large saucepan 3-4 trout trout with 3 liters of water, put the spices for fish and cook on low heat for half an hour. We at this time cut the vegetables: a large onion and red sweet pepper - slices, and 4 potatoes - cutlery. We rub on a large grater 2 medium carrots. Passer in a frying pan with vegetable oil, all vegetables, except potatoes, until golden brown. Add 3 tbsp. l. tomato paste, simmer on low heat for 5 minutes.

We remove the fish from the pan, cool it and disassemble it into pieces. We put potatoes in broth, and when it softens, we introduce vegetable fry in tomato sauce. Return the crushed trout to the pan. Add to taste lemon juice, hops-suneli, salt and a pinch of sugar. We keep the soup on the fire under the lid for 5 minutes, we insist another half an hour on the cooling plate. To serve, decorate bowls with trout from trout with cilantro leaves and berries of barberry.

Traditional Russian fish dishes are always prepared with a special feeling. Thanks to "Maguro" the results will exceed all your expectations, because these are natural products of unsurpassed quality, with the help of which the most harmonious flavor combinations are born. It is not necessary to wait for a suitable occasion. You can indulge your loved ones with culinary hits just like that.

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