Technology for life: what is planetary mixing

Technology for life: what is planetary mixing

A modern housewife without home appliances in the kitchen - like without hands. All kinds of mixers and combines are especially indispensable when it comes to home baking. But today there appeared household appliances of a new generation, which radically differs from it and brings the preparation of baking to a new level. This is a KENWOOD kitchen machine with nozzles for planetary mixing.

Space forces to help

Technology for life: what is planetary mixing

What is planetary mixing and where does this "cosmic" name come from? The school course of astronomy will help answer this question. Remember how the solar system works. All the planets in it rotate around their own axis and at the same time move in orbits around the Sun. The same principle underlies the planetary mixing of the KENWOOD kitchen machine. The nozzle, installed in a special socket, rotates around the axis, simultaneously describing the circumference inside the bowl with the ingredients.

Planetary mixing has a number of undeniable advantages over conventional. Since it occurs in automatic mode, you do not need to hold the device or monitor the process. But most importantly - while rotating in a special mode, the nozzle picks up a mixture of ingredients from the bottom and walls of the bowl, thereby providing perfect mixing. Achieve such impressive results with a hand mixer is impossible.

The kit with the KENWOOD kitchen machine includes nozzles for planetary mixing. Universal K-shaped nozzle is designed for ideal pancake, biscuit, yeast, sand and custard batter. The nozzle hook kneads a soft, elastic and durable dough. It is indispensable for the preparation of dumplings, dumplings, pasta, homemade bread and other pastries. A resilient metal ball in the form of a ball splendidly whips up weightless and incredibly persistent creams of cream and egg whites. This is an extremely important property. After all, in many recipes, proteins need to be whipped in one direction, otherwise they will fall off after a while.

To the main nozzles, you can additionally purchase two more nozzles for planetary mixing. The nozzle for soft mixtures gently slides along the edges of the bowl, collects all the ingredients from the sides and bottom to the last drop and mixes amazingly smooth creams. A unique nozzle for aeration delicately beats the most delicate mousse and soufflé. Saturating them with oxygen, it allows you to achieve a lush and strong consistency.

Cottage cheese from childhood

Technology for life: what is planetary mixing

Now we suggest testing the nozzles for planetary mixing in action. With the kitchen assistant KENWOOD, mouth-watering cheesecakes can be baked faster than you think.

We connect in a bowl 500 g of flour, 0.5 tsp. yeast, 250 ml of milk, 6 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, 2 tbsp. l. sugar, egg and a pinch of salt. We begin to knead the dough. If you do this manually, it will take at least 15 minutes. The nozzle hook will shorten this time to 5 minutes. Moreover, kneading dough additionally does not have to. Cover it with a towel and put in heat for half an hour right in the bowl.

While the dough is growing, we will fill it. We rub 500 g of cottage cheese with yolk and 100 g of sugar. Quickly and effortlessly, the K-shaped mixing nozzle will handle it. For juiciness, add 2 tbsp. l. sour cream, and for a delicate aroma - a pinch of vanilla and lemon zest. If desired, you can put a little raisins. Ready fillings are sent to freeze in the refrigerator.

It's time to return to the test. We divide it into 5-6 parts, we roll out thick cakes and the bottom of the wineglasses make circular indentations in the center. Fill them with curd filling, grease with yolk and put it on a baking sheet with parchment paper. We bake the cheesecakes for 25 minutes in the oven at 180 ° C. Such a treat even in a cooled form is a real delicacy.

Apples on a sweet feather bed

Technology for life: what is planetary mixing

Charlotte is the most delicious air pie from a biscuit dough. Remember: the better it is to shake, the more magnificent and tasty it will be baked.

We divide 5 eggs into squirrels and yolks. Yolks are ground with 100 g of sugar in a thick light mass. Whisk the whiskers into sturdy snow-white peaks, gradually pouring 100 grams of sugar. These tasks will be played by playing a KENWOOD kitchen machine with a whisk for whipping. Due to the spherical shape and thoughtful design of the corolla, the mass is deeply saturated with oxygen. As a result, protein peaks are obtained by air and stable. We combine yolks and proteins, pour 170 g of flour, whilst continuing to beat. K-shaped nozzle carefully collects all the ingredients from the walls and kneads silky dough.

In the classic recipe for apples use apples. Sugar biscuit is best suited to solid varieties with sourness. Cut 1 kg of apples cubes, sprinkle with lemon juice, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. To do this, you can use a dicing nozzle for the KENWOOD kitchen machine. Although it does not belong to the nozzles for planetary mixing, it is impossible to tell about it, because with its help we can crush the fruit beautifully and perfectly smoothly in just a few seconds. The mold for baking is lubricated with oil, sprinkled with a mango and filled with half of the dough. Next, spread the apples and close the second half of the test. Put the form in the oven at 180 ° C for 45 minutes. Golden charlotte with marvelous apple aroma is a wonderful occasion for family tea drinking.

Chocolate dreams in reality

Technology for life: what is planetary mixing

Chocolate capkake is a joy for any sweetener. This dessert can be prepared from ordinary products, which are always at hand. And with the help of the kitchen machine KENWOOD it will become incredibly refined.

We connect in a bowl 100 g of softened butter and 150 g of melted dark chocolate, whisk them into a lush mass. With a nozzle for soft mixtures, it instantly becomes tender and airy. Continuing to whisk, we introduce into the chocolate butter 2 eggs. Next, we sift 170 g of flour with a pinch of salt and 0.5 tsp. baking powder. The nozzle for sifting and wiping will relieve the flour from the smallest extraneous particles and saturate with oxygen. This is the secret of seductive lavish baking.

Now we connect the dry and liquid bases in the cup of the kitchen machine, pour in 50 ml of milk and knead the dough. The nozzle hook will cope with this impeccably, saving precious minutes and forces. You will half fill the cap-tray test and send to the oven at 180 ° C for 15-20 minutes.

And we at this time just prepare the cream. Whisk with a whisk 200 ml of creamy fat and 100 g of powdered sugar, then change the corolla to the nozzle for soft mixtures and gradually add 200 g of cream cheese. This nozzle with silicone edges will make the cream perfectly smooth, and at the same time will give a magnificent consistency stability. We fill it with a confectioner's bag and decorate the ready-made caps with snow-white "caps". Decorate with fresh raspberries, and your favorite sweets will be delighted.

The possibilities of a KENWOOD kitchen machine with nozzles for planetary mixing are unlimited. With its help, you will learn how to prepare an impeccable dough and amazing creams for any home baking. And even the most capricious and delicate desserts will invariably work out to glory. Once and again you will surprise your relatives and friends with amazing delicacies for every taste, as in the best confectionery world.

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